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Steve Zaleschuk FRC

Steve has been doing carpentry for over 34 years and feels a strong sense of accomplishment when he takes a stack of lumber and nails and turn it into something beautiful, useful and can stand the test of time! Everything Steve builds is scrutinized by that little voice inside his head, “Would grandma be happy with this?” If not, I do it better!  Steve Zaleschuk is a true craftsman!

Steve prides himself in making your Tiny Home something to be enjoyed by all who walk through the entrance. Steve has been working hard to contribute to the Tiny House Movement and is very proud to continue to be part of this wonderful and exciting change to modern living.

Let me help make your Tiny Home dreams become a reality!
– Steve Zaleschuk

Finished Right Contracting - Builder of Tiny Homes-Steve Zaleschuk

Finished Right Contracting’s (FRC) Mission is to provide Tiny Home (RV) owners and enthusiasts with a custom-built home that suits their passion for living smaller. Steve is knowledgeable, professional and passionate about inspiring his customers to dream big with their tiny home.


Finished Right Contracting (FRC)

Morinville, Alberta Canada

Telephone: +(780) 952-7617



Feel free to contact Steve Zaleschuk at any time.  He is here to answer all your questions.

Please use the contact form below or call 780-952-7617.

Let FRC build your dream TINY HOME (RV)!
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