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Our Mission is to provide Tiny Home (THOW) owners and enthusiasts with a custom-built home that suits their passion for living smaller. Steve, Lornel and Ryan are knowledgeable, professional and passionate about inspiring their customers to dream big with their tiny home.

FRC Tiny Homes Ltd.Meet the Team

Steve was originally from BC and moved to Edmonton years ago. He has been working in carpentry for over 34 years and feels a strong sense of accomplishment when he takes a stack of lumber and some nails and turns it into something useful, beautiful and will stand the test of time. Steve prides himself in making your Tiny Home something you too, will be extremely proud of.  He has been a part of the Tiny House Movement for over 4 years now and looks forward to each build with as much enthusiasm as he did on his very first Tiny Home on Wheels…Tracy’s THOW.

Steve Zaleschuk

Founding Partner/ Master Carpenter
Lornel, born & raised in Edmonton, has been involved in sales for the last 15 years & marketing for 7 years. Her 38 years experience in Customer Relations is a proven asset to FRC Tiny Homes Ltd. Lornel is our Social Media Guru & recently has taken on Sales. Her involvement with the City of Edmonton resulted in hosting the Planning Dept. in our shop which was instrumental in the amendments to zoning bylaws for THOW.  Edmonton is a leader in the Tiny House Movement & setting precedent for other municipalities. Lornel too, recently became partner to form the FRC Tiny Homes Ltd. team & we look forward to working with prospective clients in building their Tiny Home Dream Home.

Lornel Mitchell

Partner/Sales, Marketing & Administration

Ryan is originally from BC and he too moved to Edmonton with his daughter years ago to pursue his career in plumbing and heating. A journeyman plumber, Ryan has been involved with FRC Tiny Homes Ltd. for the last 4 years working alongside Steve perfecting our heating systems in these Tiny Homes.  His expertise has given our company the edge in how we ensure our Tiny Homes on Wheels hold-up in our long Canadian winters and our clients homes keep them comfortable and cozy in cold conditions.

Recently partnering with FRC Tiny Homes Ltd., Ryan is excited to be a part of the Tiny House Movement and continue to improve and perfect the heating systems we already have in place.

Ryan Racine

Partner/Plumbing & Heating

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Shop Location: 55315, Range Rd 260, Sturgeon County, AB T8R 0T5 Canada (click address to open google maps – please note: Apple maps does not give reliable directions)

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