Let FRC customize your 'extras' and give your THOW that added WOW factor!Add-ons for your Tiny Home on Wheels

Thow Add-onsInside

  • collapsable tables
  • kitchen / coffee table combinations
  • pantry / shelving over & above kitchen cupboards included in completed builds
  • bench / storage seating
  • spice racks
  • towel holders
  • wall units
  • barn door
  • mudroom / coat closets
  • bedroom / clothing options

Thow Add-onsOutside

  • fold-down decks
  • skirting for trailer
  • garage / shed in the back or front of THOW

Thow Add-on Gallery

FRC Tiny Homes Ltd.Official Distributor of the following products

Patented Prong TechnologySNAPPOWER Devices

SnapPower Distributor

How do they work, you ask? Some would say its magic. 

The real answer… the prongs simply draw power from the screws on standard electrical outlets and light switches.

That means, no wires or batteries needed!


Waterless Toilets

For 30 years, Separett has manufactured toilets designed to satisfy your need for comfort – wherever you may be. You should feel right at home when you are at your cottage, vacation home or anywhere else where there is no access to a septic system. Thanks to the continual development of technology, design and functionality, Separett toilets are now more advanced than ever. That is why Separett toilets are used all over the world, from the dry heat of Africa to the icy cold of Greenland.

Separett Waterless Toilet

Patent PendingOriginal Bro

“The Bro” series is the first ever “flat packed” high quality carbon steel pizza oven of it’s kind.  With its easy assembly, and the ability to be taken with you when you move our ovens will last a lifetime.  We also left some room for your imagination and the possibility to customize your oven with high heat paint, or leave it to patina naturally.  Not only does it give you that industrial look, it can cook up to fifty pizzas an hour. This oven is a workhorse for the family that loves to entertain, and wants to look good doing it.  A two person approach to assemble our ovens is recommended.  We proudly achieved a “no tools, no hardware” assembly process with our unique interlocking design allowing for an assembly time of an hour and a half or less.

100% Canadian MadeBig Bro