Extras such as Furniture & Accessories for Tiny Home Living can be customized for you by FRC
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  • Extras

    All our wood products are handcrafted with either pine or cedar.
    Let FRC customize your 'extras' and give your home (Tiny Home) that added WOW factor!

    Cabin / Tiny Home Furniture

    collapsable tables

    storage benches with lids

    spice racks

    towel holders

    coffee tables

    wall units

    barn door

    Lawn Furniture

    picnic tables

    kids picnic tables


    deck coolers

    Potting Benches

    Tiny Home Skirting Packages

    Deck Packages

    Finished Right Contracting Deck Projects Custom built extras such as Furniture & Accessories for Tiny Home Living - FRC

    Privacy Wall for Decks

    FRC Privacy Wall for Decks


    Finished Right Contracting Arbor Example

    Fence Packages

    Fence Renovation

    FRC Distributes the following products:

    SNAPPOWER Devices

    SnapPower Distributor - Custom built extras such as Furniture & Accessories for Tiny Home Living - FRC

    Patented Prong Technology


    How do they work, you ask? Some would say its magic. 

    The real answer… the prongs simply draw power from the screws on standard electrical outlets and light switches.

    That means, no wires or batteries needed!

    SEPARETT Toilets

    Waterless Toilets

    For 30 years, Separett has manufactured toilets designed to satisfy your need for comfort – wherever you may be. You should feel right at home when you are at your cottage, vacation home or anywhere else where there is no access to a septic system. Thanks to the continual development of technology, design and functionality, Separett toilets are now more advanced than ever. That is why Separett toilets are used all over the world, from the dry heat of Africa to the icy cold of Greenland.

    Separett Waterless Toilet