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Tracy LaRose 'Living Small'
FRC's First Tiny Home Build!

Tracy LaRose shares about 'living tiny'

Our very first Tiny Home build & the owner Tracy LaRose. She talks about living tiny and how it has improved her life.

Excerpt by Marcia Love, Spruce Grove Examiner/Stony Plain Reporter

Her clothes are stored in cupboard-like nooks under the narrow staircase, and she even has room for a small dishwasher in her kitchen. And despite the tiny living quarters, she still has space for keepsakes around the house to create a homey feel. Her loveseat pulls out into a bed for the odd time she has a family member spend the night.

“The thing about living tiny is, everything has a place and everything has to go back in its place,” she explained. “I don’t like a whole lot of clutter and things, so it doesn’t bother me.”

By downsizing, she’s found a new way of living large. Lightening her materialistic load has left her with less stress and more freedom, LaRose said.

“It comes down to needs and wants,” she said. “It’s just simple.”