Lutz Tiny Home custom made for a young man's needs built by FRC
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  • Lutz Tiny Home

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION – ‘Lutz’ Tiny Home

    Well after a whirl wind tour to the coast and back to meet the Lutz family,  I have to say I had an Amazing visit! This is basically going to be the view from the Tiny Home once it makes its way to Keats Island! I have lots to do in the next 92 days!!!

    Some special features of this home are:

    • custom computer station
    • wiring for future solar power installation
    • cedar exterior siding
    • solid pine interior
    • metal roofing
    • heavy duty trailer with a 25 year frame warranty
    • No chip or press boards of any type is used (nasty chemicals), just natural wood plywoods such as birch, spruce and fir.

    What does all this mean?? We build you a strong, solid comfortable home for you to spend years of “Living Tiny to Live Large” enjoyment!

    • Customized design
    • Eco friendly materials
    • Idea to final solution