Tiny Home - 'Little Haven' Model - Finished Right Contracting

Tiny Home – ‘Little Haven’ Model

PROJECT DESCRIPTION – ‘Little Haven’ Tiny Home

The one thing you can count on in Alberta are the 4 seasons.  Finished Right Contracting builds tiny homes to accommodate ALL 4 seasons. Whether you are here for the winter or have migrated south to your cozy spot across the boarder, your tiny home will have you living in comfort.

This ‘Little Haven’ tiny home build has the following features:

  • solar power
  • hot water on-demand
  • in-floor heating
  • spray foam insulation
  • waterless toilet
  • full-size shower
  • marine-grade stainless steel propane range
  • 7.2 cubic ft fridge
  • all-in-one washer/dryer
  • drawer-style dishwasher
  • custom-made cabinetry


Some additional special features of this home are:

  • custom made cedar barn door
  • cedar exterior siding
  • solid pine interior
  • metal roofing
  • heavy duty trailer with a 25 year frame warranty
  • No chip or press boards of any type is used (nasty chemicals), just natural wood plywoods such as birch, spruce and fir.

What does all this mean?? We build you a strong, solid comfortable home for you to spend years of “Living Tiny to Live Large” enjoyment!

  • Customized design
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Idea to final solution