First Tiny Home

Tiny Home with Cedar Siding

Fishing/Hunting Shack

FRC Ice Fishing Shacks

Second Tiny Build

FRC Tiny Home Cedar Siding

Quality Craftsmanship gives Peace Of Mind

We stand behind our work and take pride in the quality craftsmanship that goes into each and every tiny build.  If you are in the market for a tiny home, here is some important information regarding our warranty.

The trailer has a 25 year warranty on the frame, the tiny house has a five year structural warranty and all the appliances have their applicable factory warranties… The windows have a lifetime accidental breakage warranty which is transferable to a new owner for period of 10 years. Our master builder is always available to modify or add-on to the existing build.

FRC's Next Project

We just sat down with a family and are designing our 3rd tiny and this is for a family of 4! The husband is 6’7″! This will be built on a 34ft trailer. Very excited for this build. It will open up doors for small families and make living affordable.

First Tiny Home Interior

Tiny Home Stairway and Storage

Hey! Looking to build a tiny Home?

Check out our tiny home planner!

FRC can make it so simple to get started by using our handy tiny home planner that helps you pick out the essentials.  The sky’s the limit, you dream it…FRC builds it!