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  • Tiny Home Models

    Tiny Home Floor Plan Option
    Model “200”

    This Tiny Home (RV) features a functional kitchen with optional loft that can accommodate queen/king size bed.  This unit comes with step-ladder style stairs but can have optional staircase with storage.  Bathroom with shower & waterless toilet.

    Tiny Home Floor Plan Option
    Model “240”

    This Tiny Home (RV) features a living room, dining area, spacious kitchen and washroom on the ground floor with the availability of two queen beds in the loft. Tiny home models are fully customizable to your specific wishes list.

    Tiny Home Floor Plan Option
    Model “280”

    Our Tiny Homes (RV) can be the custom built oasis of your dreams. The 28′ size allows you the most customizable options. Start with a tiny home models floor-plan that incorporates the “must haves” then start dreaming. Finished Right Contracting will turn your ideas into a “one of a kind” reality!


    About Tiny Homes built by Finished Right Contracting

    House Structure
    • 2×4 Walls…Why 2×4 and not 2×6?

    With recent technological advancements, spray foam insulation is FAR more efficient than fibreglass or blown in type insulation. Spray foam is non organic so mould is never an issue, as well as the depth of a 2×4 is enough for the thickness required. This means additional floor space, less weight, fewer trees and best of all, it saves you money! ….and as an added bonus…. It increases the wall strength immensely!

    We only use actual plywood for sheeting the walls, floor and roof! Although OSB board is about half the price, it’s twice the weight and full of chemicals that aren’t the best for the environment. Not to mention, I feel plywood is stronger too!

    Trailer Frame
    • 2′ x 8′ Tube Frame
    • Dual 7000 lb. axles with 8 bolt
    • 16″ wheels with electric brakes
    • Built tough for less than ideal Canadian highways
    • Click Here for Trailer Photo Gallery

    We offer a few options for your tiny home….

    • A regular household flush toilet for a home being moved to a permanent site
    • An RV style unit with a holding tank to be emptied at a sani station
    • Or (recommended) a Composting toilet which requires no water or drain. Very efficient to use and very Eco friendly!

    For your hot water needs, we can go propane or natural gas tank or tankless…. You let us know what your needs are!

    Windows & Doors

    We use Jeld Wen windows and doors as they are very well made and add beauty and style to your tiny home!


    Appliance choices include:

    • microwave ovens
    • convection ovens
    • induction cooktops
    • gas/electric refrigerators.

    Laundry is also available in the 24′ & 28′ units.

    Tiny Home supplied floor-plans are designed by Michael Janzen and used as guidelines to create your unique and customized home.