MODEL “200”

Model 200-43

Tiny Home 20 foot floor plan

Model 200-46

Tiny Home 20 foot floor plan

Model 200-48

Tiny Home 20 foot floor plan

Design your own customized TINY HOME (THOW) by FRC Tiny Homes Ltd.!

Start by using the Tiny Homes (THOW) Planner which assists you with all the features standard in our homes as well as available upgrades.

We have  a number of options available for each model as well as we can ‘custom build’ to match your dream Tiny Home (THOW).

Once you have reviewed the planner, contact us and we will sit down and refine the plan.

As soon as you have the perfect home planned, we will go over your delivery option and anything else you need our assistance with.  Then it is realizing your dream of being a Tiny Home (THOW) owner!

Model "200" Pricing

For current market pricing on a Model “200” – 20 Foot Tiny Home, please contact FRC Tiny Home Ltd.

Want a ‘bigger’ or maybe a ‘smaller’ tiny home?

No problem! FRC builds homes anywhere from 16′ to 34′

FRC also offers financing, please contact us for more info.