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There are two questions that help determine what features go into your Tiny Home (THOW).

  1. Where will you be living?
    • Off-grid
    • RV Park
    • Own Property
  2. Will there be access to power & sewer?


Answers to these questions help determine what features will be built into your home such as:

  • Standard Flush Toilet VS. Waterless Toilet
  • Propane OR Electric Appliances

Once you’ve answered the above questions, then you can use the below Tiny Home (THOW) Planner to assist in choosing the standard features or upgrades….



Cedar Siding
  • Light weight natural bug inhibitor, excellent insulation characteristics
    • Cedar Siding – tongue & groove OR
    • Board & Batten
  • Cedar is left natural and will eventually turn grey OR can be clear-coated to maintain fresh cedar look.
Siding (options)
Tiny Home (RV) Planner - Roof Colour Samples
  • Metal Roof Standard
    • Durability
    • Longevity
Colour Samples
Tiny Home (RV) Planner - Roof Colour Samples
FRC Fishing / Hunting Shack Roof

All exterior lighting is LED clearance lighting.


  • Range Options
    • – Dickenson Marine 3 Burner Oven (20.375″ w x 21.750″ h x 20.250″ d)
    • – 24″ Propane or Natural Gas Stove/Oven
    • – 30″ Propane or Natural Gas Stove/Oven
  • LG 24″ Bottom Freezer Model
  • Cabinetry – all handmade by Finished Right Contracting (no IKEA)
  • Moveable/fold-up kitchen table
Kitchen (options)
  • Dishwasher (Available for Models 24′ and up)
  • ‘Drawer-style’ dishwashers are available at an added expense
Savannah Tiny Home Kitchen by Finished Right Contracting FRC
Dickenson Marine 3 burner oven
Dickenson Marine 3 Burner Oven
LG 24” Bottom Freezer Model *Not necessarily as shown
LG 24” Bottom Freezer Model *Not necessarily as shown
Cabinetry & Countertops
  • Cabinetry – Custom Designed and Handcrafted by FRC Tiny Homes in various choices of wood/stain/paint
  • Styles – Retro, Contemporary, Shaker
  • Countertops – Custom Designed and Handcrafted by FRC Tiny Homes in various choices of wood/stain OR Quartz offered by outside source
  • Sinks – we have a budget for your kitchen sink/faucets and a large inventory to choose from with our supplier
  • If there is room for a fold-out table or anything over and above our standard kitchen builds; we can certainly do so for an added cost
  • Backsplash in basic subway tile *other options available as add-ons at cost to purchase above allotted budget
Cabinetry & Countertop (options)
  • We can customize all our tiny homes to include anything extra which will fit into the kitchen as add-ons at cost to build
Bathroom & Laundry
  • Budget for sink/faucets with many choices available to choose from by our supplier
  • Stand alone showers in various sizes and styles
  • Bathtubs are available in our larger tiny homes (minimum 26’ long)
  • Ceramic Tile if desired within budget (*more options available as add-on at cost to purchase above budget)
  • Combination washer/dryer (*larger models are optional)
  • Sliding Barn-style door
  • Handcrafted vanity (*we have used antique dressers & converted to vanity/sink)
Savannah Tiny Home Bathroom by Finished Right Contracting FRC
Loft Bedroom
  • Stairs with storage to loft OR
  • Custom built steps/ladder
  • Railings or Privacy Wall with storage cubbies
  • Small closet or dresser
Savannah Tiny Home Second Loft Bedroom by Finished Right Contracting FRC
  • All flooring is vinyl and we have many styles/colours to choose from within the budget for flooring
  • We ONLY utilize in-floor radiant heat for our heat source and vinyl was made for this purpose
Walls & Ceiling
340 sq ft tiny home built by Finished Right Contracting - Loft View
Additional Standard Features
  • 6 Windows and a Door
  • All interior lighting is LED
  • Standard 110 Volt
  • 2  x 30 lb Propane Tanks
Additional Option Features
  • Generator
  • Additional Windows by Quote
  • Additional Door by Quote or Double Door if Available
  • Off-grid solar solutions
  • Off-Grid Freshwater Shack – consists of the following:
    • – 2 – 2000 litre potable water cubes; set up to fill simultaneously (either via hired water truck or fill on your own)
    • – Rubber Container & Sump Pump to fill cubes
    • – Water shack is heated by the same boiler from the main tiny home *in-floor radiant heat
    • – 2 Access doors
    • – Small Water Pump – provides the same water pressure as a typical home

Now on to step 2!

Now that you have started to plan out your DREAM tiny home, the next step is to contact FRC Tiny Homes Ltd. and talk with our Sales Rep to fine tune the details.  From idea to plan to Finished Right!