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Tiny House Envy

Do you enjoy watching the various shows about Tiny Houses on television?  Do you envy those people; so few possessions, so little clean up?  I sure do!  It is the same feeling I get when I travel and stay in a hotel.  The few possessions you have with you are tidied up in record time, leaving more time for important things like fun.  (OK, I will admit that hotel rooms also come with maid service, but still…).

Do you feel like you would enjoy that lifestyle, but oh my goodness, what would you do with all of your stuff?  Have you ever stopped to re-evaluate what you really need and whether the things that you currently own are contributing to the quality of your life or detracting from it?  Does just walking in the door, or opening a certain closet, bring you stress and anxiety?

One way to reduce the stress is to reduce the mess.  Having fewer possessions to care for and store make it easier to keep your living spaces tidier and therefore less stressful.  De-cluttering, or reducing the amount of possessions you own can be overwhelming.  It is important to keep your end goal in mind and be realistic.  Be kind to yourself along the way.  There may be things that you are just not ready to part with yet.  That is OK. Sometimes it can be helpful to have someone there to support you to make the difficult decisions and keep you focused on what might be a challenging task.  A Professional Organizer is just such a person.  An Organizer does not have the same emotional attachments to your belongings as you do, so can provide some perspective in the decision making process.  While you may not get to the point where you could live in a Tiny Home right now, you could certainly be on your way to a more orderly and peaceful life!

“The best way to get something done is to begin.”
~AAuthor Unknown via

Jan Tworek
Professional Organizer, RSW
Less Mess Less Stress